How To Make Chocolate Ganache

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I absolutely love ganache and the way it transforms the taste of a cake. It has such a smooth and luxurious texture and it is just perfect for covering cakes if you want those sharp edges to cover in icing / fondant. I particularly love using it for covering wedding cakes as it is a little less temperamental to temperature than buttercream. I am so excited to share with you a video which details the process I use to make my ganache, whether I need milk, dark or white chocolate.

How to make ganache

The thing to remember about ganache is that is all about the ratios, there are only 2 ingredients, double cream and chocolate so as long as you are following the ratios for the different kinds of chocolate you should be fine. The ratio for milk and dark chocolate is 2:1 chocolate to cream. For white chocolate this is 3:1 chocolate to cream, although I usually tend to use 2.5:1 so it’s not as firm.

I think one of the most important things to remember which I talk about in the video is that if the ganache does go wrong it can be fixed. Sometimes if the chocolate gets too hot, too quickly the fat in the chocolate can separate, but by adding a small amount of warm milk this should bind it back together again.

Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Chocolate ganache, whether your using white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate makes the most delicious cake filling.

  • 200 ml Double Cream
  • 400 g Milk Chocolate
  1. When making ganache the first thing you want to do is chop up your chocolate into small pieces, this will help the chocolate melt. Place your cutup chocolate into a large mixing bowl.

  2. Put your double cream into a saucepan and bring it to the boil.

  3. As soon as it's boiling, pour it over the top of your chocolate. Let it sit for a few seconds and start to stir it round.

  4. You want to continue to stir until all of your chocolate has melted and you have a smooth glossy mixture. You can also use a hand blender (the type you use for making smoothies), this really speeds up this process.

  5. If at anytime your ganache starts to separate or look extremely greasy, take a small amount of milk and heat it up in the microwave or on the hob. Slowly add the hot milk into your mixture and mix it through.

  6. Once all of your chocolate has melted you want to leave your ganache to firm up to a spreadable consitanvy. Placing a pieces of cling film over the top of your ganache, will stop the top of your ganache setting hard. Push the cling film down until there are no air gaps.

  7. After 1-2 hours at room temperature your ganache will be a spreadable consistency, a bit like the consistency of Nutella. You can also use your electric hand whisk at this point if you would like it a little softer and more fluffy. This will beat air into your ganache and give you a similar look to buttercream.

Cake Filling
chocolate ganache

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Chocolate Ganache Recipe

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    1. Hi Bridget, For the origami cake I made the ganache in exactly the same way, but used the white chocolate that I mention in the tutorial rather than the milk chocolate.

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