Anti-Gravity Kawaii Ice Lolly Cake Tutorial

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So if you have been reading my blog or following my channel for a while you will know that some of my favourite things are summer and creating cakes that look like actual things, be it food, bucket and spades, or mixing bowls (If you haven’t seen these cakes check out my tutorials section). Well this week it was actually my birthday so I thought I would create a really fun, cute summery cake…

So I decided to make an anti-gravity ice lolly cake. I love anti-gravity cakes as they create such a center piece for your party.

anti-gravity Ice Lolly cake tutorial

This cake was so much fun to make from building the structure, to carving and decorating the lolly itself. The structure was created with a 12 inch MDF board on the base and a 6mm metal rode which measured 39cm. I then added washers and nuts to secure these together. A 7 x 2.5 inch drum board was then placed at the bottom to take 9 layers of cake. I added a PME dowel over the rod to make it food safe and also inserted a thinner cake card half way down which rested on the top rim of the dowel to take some of the weight of the cake, so it wasn’t pushing down.

anti gravity ice lolly cake structure

I then covered the cake in some raspbery coloured fondant (Rasberry is always my favourite flavour of ice lolly). This cake was a little tricky to cover as it was quite tall and quite thin, so you will see I covered it in 2 parts and joined them together. I then added the finishing details including the cute Kawaii face to the front. Now you could just have the ice lolly as it is without the face but it does look very cute I think.

Here is me with the cake to give you an idea of the finished size…

Ice Lolly Cake tutorial

I really hope you like the cake and might find the video helpful if you fancy making your own anti-gravity cake. Below is the full step by step video tutorial…

I have also put a link below to a list of tools that I used throughout this video:
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
Sugarflair Rose Edible Tint:
Rolling Pin:
Squires Flexi Smoothers:
Plastic Smoothers:
Renshaw Fondant:
6mm threaded rod:
M6 Nuts:
M6 Washers:
PME Easy Cut Dowels:
Raspberry Food Colour:

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Kawaii anti gravity Ice lolly cake

Thank you for reading!

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