Marble Effect Fondant / Icing Tutorial

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So this time of year, especially in the UK, with summer in full swing we tend to create alot more wedding cakes. A trend that I am seeing alot at the moment is making either part of your cake or all of your cake look like its made of marble. Whether this is the classic white a grey or brightly coloured marble I think this is such a pretty and natural look to add to your cakes. So in this weeks video tutorial I thought I would show you how I colour my fondant to look like marble.

The first thing I probably should address is the word fondant. You may hear through alot of my tutorial I start by calling it fondant but then convert to calling it icing. This is the exact same thing, and you can even add sugarpaste in there too. It really does depend on where in the world you live, to what it’s referred to as. I grew up calling it icing, but whichever you call it is just your dough like sugary cake covering!!

marble fondant cake
The thing I love most about this technique is there is no right or wrong way to make your marble fondant, it’s just down to personal choice of how you want it to look. In nature marble looks so different from piece to piece, so if your cake looks a little different to other peoples that is absolutely fine. I have seen lots of ways people create their marbled fondant, from adding already coloured fondant together in blobs, in long thin sausages, twisting, kneading and the list goes on, but this is the way that I do it…

How to create marbled fondant using gel colour

I add my gel food colours directly to my white base and just knead the fondant. Just like you would if you were colouring your fondant, but stop before all the colours are combined. This gives you different gradients of colour throughout your fondant and also a speckled texture as the concentrated colour is mixed and dispersed through and this is the finish that I love. You can see in the tutorial below exactly the point that I stop working my fondant.

marble cake fondant icing sugarpaste tutorial

Adding edible leaf

I love the effect that this technique gives and I decided to finish off the cake by highlighting some of those darker areas with some edible gold leaf. The thing to remember when working with gold leaf is it is very thin and fly away and will stick to anything moist, so be careful if your cake is warm, so I left my cake for a little while for the fondant to just start to harden up.

I really hope you enjoy this video tutorial below and will find this technique helpful if you are looking to make your own marble effect cake.

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Tools I used

I have also put a link below to some of the tools I used throughout this video below:
Rolling Pin:
Turn Table:
Sugarflair Edible Gold Leaf:
Squires Flexi Smoothers:
Metal Scrapper Tool:
Plastic Smoothers:
Renshaw Fondant:
Black Colour Splash Food Gel:
Pale Pink Colour Splash Gel:

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Marble fondant

Thank you for reading!

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